The Marvel out of a Thousand Hills!

It’s a chance meeting! But I immediately, in a twinkle of an eye, see that she is a marvel. Her eyes are glowing like the brightest star of the northern skies of the Milky Way. With friends around, cracking mind blowing jokes, she smiles gently, I am looking at her closely, and now I get a chance to look her closely in the eyes as friends introduce me to her. She somehow gets mystified with my name – as she expects everyone to have a western first name. She gets it wrong first time.

Meanwhile, her hair is not the conventional ‘strait palm’ or ‘wet look’ as I hear many ladies call these things, neither is it the disgusting Chinese hair extensions commonly known as ‘kiwani’ or wig (sounds like witch). It’s something super! I have always urged that there are three hair styles that define a refined and sophisticated African lady; dreads, short hair or no hair at all, at least for me, beat me. If you can’t agree with me, it’s your business; I don’t have to think like you. So she has one of them. Are you asking me which one? Yes, the very one you are thinking about.

So her hair style is a real marvel for me, I have actually just seen so many ladies with ugly and terrible hair extensions and wigs on their head this whole day, my question is always one when I see them…don’t they have a mirror at home? So at least her hair style now clears all the ugly images of horrible hair styles that are running indelibly on my mind. She should know that and send me an invoice – yes for helping me clear my mind by the look of her hair! But her hair is just a drop in the ocean compared to how she generally looks, as if fashion is the fabric of her soul; her pants, her shoes, her bag, her watch, and oh her spectacles. Everything is simple yet sophisticated and bravura.


In my heart I’m thinking, asking questions, listening and searching for answers to many questions that are popping every second as we casually chat. But I know for sure that I have to make good friends with this marvel, I know she will understand me when she gets to know me, I know we have a lot of things in common that are already expressing, I surely know this is a precious jewelry that I must keep as a friend. I don’t panic or begin to ask for her contact or throwing some sanguine excitement around her, because I surely know the universe has already conspired to make us become the best of friends. Soon we are all gone. Where she’s going, what she does, who she is and things alike I don’t bother to know.

About two months later, we meet at a community charity event around the city. It’s a cause that only the enlightened get involved. Taking off some time to sweat so they can give a life to another soul…and that’s what humanity is all about. So I see her in a distance at the gathering place and I run to her. She almost is forgetting to remember me but she quickly recalls at the mention of our meet the previous time. She’s happy, her smile is glowing as always, she embraces me, and asks me about my friends whom she thought actually were my siblings. She’s kind enough to me to accept some Kodak moment and we grab a selfie. We don’t keep ourselves for long and I find my way without asking much, not even her contact. But I am confident, everything is real and authentic, no one is struggling, and I’m very happy. You should have seen her attire that day…right for the event but stylish and out of the ordinary. The medal would have to gone her had it been a fashion contest. I talk about fashion because I surely believe that your outside is a perfect reflection of your inside.

The event is done and I go back home. I’m very excited, not because of the Kodak moment but because I have had an opportunity to share the same ambiance with an extraordinary being. Days later I meet this other person who knows her and they are actually friends. I tell her about our previous meet at the charity event and of course present the evidence from the Kodak moment. She offers to give me her cell phone contact…I had not asked for it. I keep it. Months pass by and I’m not bothered to do anything with the contact. But one morning I send her a text via one of the instant messaging platforms with images from our Kodak moment so she doesn’t have to ask who this person is. She responds gently with mild excitement. I’m very happy. She is very happy.


We begin to talk, and yes, my reckoning is right with pin point precision. She is a marvel! We instantly connect; no one is surprised because we now understand ourselves like we have known each other for decades. Her philosophies are pretty much like mine, her outlook about everything is far from the conformist view, she proves me wrong for I have always thought there are no ladies like her, she is, we connect even more every day that passes, she wins my respect and trust, I take more glimpses of her fashion acumen, she’s a no nonsense lady, but she doesn’t get mad at me at least, she only whispers wisdom in my ears, I listen to her for she’s my senior, she has known life much longer than I have. She’s a proud mother and wife, her love for her mother is unmatched, she’s part herself and part her mother so she says. Only we understand who we are and why we are, her enlightenment is bizarre, everything she says is peculiar, an ordinary mind will think she’s mad, it cannot really fathom her understanding of things and her world. I’m lucky enough to tap into her view of things, we complete each other’s sentences, and I’m immensely honored and favored. Sometimes we wonder why we think so much alike, but we easily let it pass because only we know why. She loves me so much, like her own son and little brother; I love her so much too that she is always the last thing on my mind before I slip into slumber in the wee hours of the night and the first thing on my mind when I arise at dawn.

She propels me to be a better person, and yes, she’s really a wonder out of a thousand hills!


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