The ultimate challenge!


It is very clear that everything in the world has taken a paradigm shift. From economies and cultures to life style and general survival instincts, from technology and science to business and communication, everything has changed.
Everything that is happening and that we are enjoying in this generation has been predetermined by our predecessors in the last centuries. There were great men and women that set the precedents of every good thing that has and is happening. For example, industrialization was shaped by men like John Davison Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford and others. Science and Invention was geared by people like Isaac Newton, Nicholas Corpernicus, Galileo Galilie, Leonardo da Vince, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison,  and the like, Politics and Leadership have been greatly influenced by names like Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela Madiba, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa and other many African, European and Russian Revolution leaders, while we have seen great names in the world of technology in the 2nd half of the 20th century like Tim Bernes-Lee and Steven Paul Jobs who reinvented the way we work, the way we communicate and perhaps the way we think by inventing the internet and revolutionizing computers respectively.
Whereas most people wait for governments, international bodies and/or charities from the western world to come and tackle every challenge we face today, I believe we have a role to play as bona fide members of the global society. I believe the biggest asset that young people have is their mindset and what they believe in, and just like Ralph Waldo Emerson put it “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”. You do not have to be rich or from a rich background for you to achieve your ultimate potential in life. Whereas many young people today wrongly believe that for one to be successful or have a positive impact in life, their destiny must have been defined by their predecessors in the 18th, 19th 0r 20th century, I stand to demystify this conventional belief.
If it were to work like that, Barack Obama, the son of a goat herder and a grandson of a cook in a poor village in Kenya wouldn’t have risen to become the president of the United States of America.
We have seen what used to be poor economies in Asia like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea and the like rising to ranks of developed economies because they took time to invest in mindset change and personal development of their young people. The level of unemployment continues to skyrocket in many developing countries because they (we) have not invested in personal and human resource development of our young people. This has been and is still the ultimate challenge!
All men are created equal, we have the same amount of brain (weighing approximately 1.2kg), we have the same rights, liberty and pursue for happiness. It’s the faith in simple dreams and how we reaffirm our values and potential that make a difference.  You will  realize that there is something scarcer, something rarer than ability, and that’s the ability to realize one’s ability, and it’s on this note that  young people must venture into discovering who they are, their potential and worth, irrespective of their social class, academic background, ethnicity or otherwise. The young people, poor or rich, with formal education or not, of any background and whatever circumstance around them have the potential to buy back their lives, set the good precedent and shape the future of the generations to come.

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