Action is the Driving Force that Produces Results!

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Are the most successful people the ones who had the most knowledge; were they more intelligent or was it because they were better academically? We all know that this is not true. If this were true, everyone from MENSA and anyone that obtains a PHD would be a multimillionaire.
Think about this. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, Larry Ellison, Soichiro Honda and Richard Branson, have one thing in common, all of them do not have a college degree. Yet they have built billion dollar empires run by extremely well qualified managers and professionals, many of them possessing Harvard MBAs.
This is still true today. Many intelligent, well-educated people who have MBAs and PhDs from the best colleges like Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford or our very own Makerere University do not accomplish much although they may have the intelligence and knowledge.
The irony is that many people who do extremely well academically usually end up working for those who were average performers in school. On the other hand, there are many millionaires and business owners who dropped out of college, never attending university only to find themselves producing phenomenal results.
Why is this so? The answer lies in the simple fact that these individuals took more action than compared to others. More often than not, these successful individuals made up their mind thinking that they had nothing to lose. So they take action, massive action to make up for it.
While book knowledge and tertiary education are extremely valuable assets, too much of it can become a liability. When people have excess knowledge, they spend all their time analyzing thinking WHY ‘something cannot be done; so much so that it paralyses them from taking any form of action.
For those highly qualified academically, they tend to be more risk averse. These people tend to take less action. Knowledge, intelligence and capability are not ‘power’. They are only potential forms of power. Only when action is taken do these acquired resources realize their potential.
Action is the driving force that makes things happen. When consistent action is taken towards a specific outcome, results will definitely be produced. We either get the results we want (success), or we get the results we don’t want (feedback). By changing our strategy and consistently taking even more action, we will eventually get the results we want.
Success is defined by how much action we take and not just by how much knowledge and capability we have. Knowledge can be learnt and capability can be acquired. Taking massive action is the key to unleashing personal power. People who combine knowledge with massive action become unstoppable in achieving any goal!

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